About Us!

Cochran Ski Club

We offer skiing services in the Cochran Ski Area, Vermont. During winters, people need to move outdoors to experience the snow. We offer skiing, mountain biking, hiking, cycling, golf, snowboarding, etc. Sports that you can play and engage in during the snowy winters.

We are a family-friendly service that provides a small lodge for parents and children. The lodge is warm and offers food and drinks.

This is the place where kids can learn to love the game. There are a few small hills with a T-bar and a rope tow to go uphill. It is good enough for young kids to learn skiing. We offer opportunities to small children and local skiers to train.

You will find our staff friendly and our services are affordable.

Ours is a family run business that is involved in its operations. This place captures the spirit and dream of skiing in a community environment.

You can also purchase a family pass that will reduce the cost.

Cochran is the best place to start the little ones out on skis. It is the right size and just comfortable for families.

You can rent the best ski goggles from us for yourself and kids. We offer other equipments for skiing as well.

The Cochran family has been associated with skiing since the early 60’s and the passion continues to run in the family. They have been part of the US Ski team and participated in the Winter Olympics and have won gold, silver and bronze medals. Several of the family members were inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame.

Vermont is their home and they have taken it upon themselves to give this sport the respect it deserves and the children in the area an opportunity to develop their skills.

For a long time , Virginia Davis “Ginny” Cochran has been the matriarch and taught many school children herself. The Cochran area continues to promote children learning skiing who can later become ski racers.